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By wizardwario2 | 01-Jul-2017 15:52
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I saw my friend's boyfriend listed on OkCupid as single. Should I say. Go to Marissa and tell her that this Grindr account has been brought to your attention. Do you enjoy starting drama? Or are you truly interested in being a decent human being. "I think my boyfriend mht be cheating on me" then you could say, "Did you ever try looking him up online, to see if he's on any of the dating sites?"

Is it weird/wrong to contact someone on that you saw on a. Explain that you’ve had trouble deciding what to do about the information, but that if the tables were turned, you’d want to know. Advertisement She mht hate you for being the messenger. Depends on how you do it. Mention contacting them because you saw them on a dating site. If she views as a private place for approved friends and family, then a stranger randomly approaching her to hit on her may be unwelcome.

I saw my friend's husband on an online dating site”. - Mamamia Tell her you’re not making any assumptions or judgments, at least not about her. She mht deny that this is important information, or tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Mar 5, 2016. “I saw my friend's husband on Tinder.” Tinder has been dubbed mostly by people in our office as the socially-acceptable dating app you're not.

Saw friend on dating site:

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